School Pictures

When we set out to create our school pictures division, our first thought was how to give the best experience possible. Not just for the kids, but for the school and teachers, as well as the parents. We want it to be an exciting experience for everyone involved. We also wanted to make sure that what we do and what we provide is both high quality and affordable, plus provides the best chances possible for everyone to walk away happy. From this thinking, combined with lots of feedback from parents, we have developed our schools picture program.

No Longer Just One Background Instead of one background only, we have implemented green screen technology and technics in order to give more background options, whether it’s to match the child’s outfit, or their personality. But we still have the standard background option to be used for yearbooks.

Empower The Parents On picture day we employee parent volunteers in exchange for our highest picture package. These parents help with kid control, roster checking, checking that hair and clothes are ready, and assisting the photographer with each child while in front of the camera to get that great smile. Using the parents helps us to better focus on what we’re doing, but more importantly it relieves the teachers from having to handle all these duties themselves. Plus we do this while playing music in the background to keep things from getting boring, and we keep two photographers on hand at all times in order to avoid solo operations.

It’s Special, So Bring It To try and make things more fun and to better capture memories, we have done something completely different. We started to invite parents to send their child with, or let their child pick something special to them to bring for a picture. As parents, we know that our children have things at different phases of their life that tell the story of them at this age, so we thought it’d be a great idea to allow that item for a picture. It could be anything from a picture, to a stuffed animal, to a hat or pair of sunglasses. There’s so many things it could be. And if the parent would like to coordinate having other siblings in a photo together, no problem! Bring them. We offer three final images anyways instead of just one, giving the parent more options.

Go Outside So what if you don’t want the green screen for both Fall and Spring? No problem, let’s go outside. We can do outdoor portraits as well using a portion of the school grounds as a background. Whether it’s trees, or a playground, we can use the outdoor environment to get some pictures of your child that are unique to where they are right now.

Online Ordering To offer even greater convenience, we also offer online purchasing as well, where we can actually offer more background options than what is on the printed forms. Each child will have their own password protected site, so you don’t have to worry about your child being mixed with hundreds of others. All you’ll see is your child, plus the class photo.

Get A Kick-Back We give back to the school a commission of 10% of the total profits of sales, and we do not charge to come and take the photos. That commission can be delievered as a check, or can be applied towards products.

So here’s the highlights:

  • We use green screen to offer greater background options

  • We use parent volunteers in exchange for our highest package

  • We play music on set

  • We have two photographers on hand instead of just one

  • We invite kids to bring something special to them for a picture

  • We offer THREE final images instead of one

  • We offer a secure online ordering option

  • We can take things outdoors