Extreme Posters

Our new Extreme Posters are a great creative way of showcasing in one final creation yours or your child’s interests. Extreme Posters are not limited to sports activities alone, but can be used as well for things like band, or reading, or with pets, or any number of other fun ideas. Simply contact use to schedule a studio appointment. The pictures only take abut 15 minutes of your time. After that we take 4-6 of the images and put them together for you into one of these awesome montages.

Creation Fee: $55 (includes photo shoot and design)

Some Product Options Include:

Mounted Prints  8x12 $35 •

Art Prints 8x12 $35  •

Metal Prints 8x12 $55  •

Wall Clings 8x12 $25  

Other product and size options available as well