Team Sport Promo 2018

We are looking for some new teams to add to our client list this year, and to do so we are going to offer some incentives that we’ve never offered before. And to make sure our past clients aren’t left out, we’re going to offer some love their way as well. Here’s what we’re doing:

All first time teams will receive a free 2’ x 3’ team banner. If a parent helps get us that team, they will have their choice of a free photo ball, mid-level print package, or a free extreme poster session.

For our returning teams, we will give you a free 2’ x 3’ team banner as well with your next team photo session.

We have not had this offer before and do not plan on offering it again beyond 2018, so if you’re ready to do something beyond the out-dated traditional style of team photos, then get your team/league on our schedule for this year.

Don’t have a traditional sports team. No problem. The same can be offered for any group activity. Please visit to learn more and schedule your teams photos now, or contact us directly.

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