Preparing for a Virtual Tour

Preparing for a virtual tour is very similar to preparing for pictures in that everything needs to be presentable and ready to go when we arrive. The biggest difference is that once the camera system picks up a space in a scan, you cannont change anything or it can cause the alignment to fail. So follow these guidelines to make sure that you're ready:

  • If you have a room, closet, etc that you do not want included with your virtual tour, make sure that the doors are closed to those spaces.
  • Any space that is to be included must have the doors open or the camera system will not be able to include it.
  • Ensure that lights, shades, furniture, etc is all ready to go for each space. Once the camera system sees even into that space from another, it is difficult to change these things without having to rescan in order to avoid alignment errors.
  • If there is either direct sunlight or extremely bright hazy light coming thru a window, it is best to close the shades to avoid having haze throughout your final virtual tour.
  • When scheduling, it is ideal if at all possible to do a virtual tour later in the day when the house is either shaded from the sun by the trees, or the sun is just below the horizon. Doing so will give a cleaner final experience.

Sometimes the virtual tour can go outside. But sometimes this must be done with a series of independent 360 scans that can then be added to the interactive portion of the tour later on.

If after you see your virtual tour you find that there's a space that you want left out, let me know and we can turn off scan positions in order to block access to those areas.