About Us

Brandon Malone is a Certified Professional Photographer with Professional Photographers of America and has been doing a variety of different types of photography since 2006. Some of his experience includes 15 years of combined service (Navy and Government Civilian), most of which centered around photography. After movning to Sparta from Maryland he has switched to three main areas of focus. One is team sports photography. The other two are real estate photography and high school senior photography. All three of these are the result of listening to what others have said and then building a new business that focuses on fulfilling the desires of what people have been wanting.

When Brandon started researching team sports photography before taking it on, he first wanted to find a way of making it different and inline with his higher-end portrait and commerical work. That and wanted to make sure that he not only offered the kinds of products people are used to and love, but also to take it up a notch by bringing in some newer products that are amazing that people haven't yet seen and can't get with most other photographers.

Another area that Brandon wanted to focus on was ensuring the best experience possible for eveyone. He does this by using a system that avoids the cat herding process. You can learn more about it by visiting our What We Do page. Additionally, he has created an online ording site so that parents can see images before they buy them, or just simply have the option to place their order beyond the shoot day.

This is still a new area of business for Brandon Malone Photography and so still has more tweaking and adjusting to go. Many strides have been made so far, but there are still more improvements to go. "We look forward to having many teams grow with us as we work on growing and developing this new and exciting area of business."