Do you photograph all age groups?

Currently we are aiming to go no younger than 8-10 years old.

How long does it take to see the pictures?

Once I have all players photographed, it takes about a weeks time on average for all the graphic composite work to be generated and returned to me. At which point I will put them online for viewing and additional ordering. Allow up to two weeks for the full process from shoot day to the point they are placed online. If it takes longer, then it is due to extenuating circumstances that are beyond our control and we will do our best to communicate any such delays with our point of contact for your team or organization.

Do you do other types of photography?

Yes, we also specialize in real estate photography, commercial photography, high school senior photography, fitness photography, and themed portrait parties.  We can do other photography as well, but they are out of our specialty.

Do I have to order my pictures on picture day or can I wait to see what they look like first?

You do not have to place your order on picture day, but that will be your only opportunity to see and touch samples first hand and ask whatever questions you have. If you did not place your order on picture day, or want to order more products, then you will able to use a special online gallery site for your team. Prices are slightly higher on the website in order to account for the added processing fees and online costs. Online galleries will only be active for 7 days. At the end of the 7 day period, all orders taken will be sent to the lab in one order.

Will you do other activities other than traditional sports?

Yes, we can apply the same model to none traditional things as well.

Do you charge a sitting fee to come out and do the team pictures?

No we do not. We only make money thru individual sales.

Can we do a makeup shoot if we weren't able to make it to shoot day?

Being that everything is composite work, it is much harder to have make up shoots. Composite concepts require that the camera position and lens zoom remain unchanged for every single picture when it comes to the team composites, but it can be done. Results are not guaranteed to fully match those of the rest of the team, and must be done within a week if a make-up shoot is to be done. Also, a fee of $25 will be charged and will not be applied towards any products.

How long does it take to get our prints?

Time varies depending on the product ordered. Balls and phone cases go to labs that speialize in those products. All other products are handled by my main lab. Orders will not be sent off until all orders are received in order to help keep things together and to avoid minimum order fees. Once orders are sent to our main lab, they can take 1-2 weeks to be produced and delivered to the studio. Balls and phone cases can take 3-4 weeks to be produced and delivered to the studio. Once products are received by the studio, we aim to deliver them within a week when possible. Sometimes scheduling conflicts may delay delivery.

Do you sell the digital files?

Because of the level of investment into these graphic composite image products we do not sell printable files. If you spend $200 or more on pictures, then I'll give you one for free. Otherwise we are working on a better system of providing non-printable files based off of various spending levels. But a non-printable file of the team composite image will be provided for free automatically to the team for online usage.

What if I don't like my pictures?

Once the images have been placed online and given 7 days for additional ordering, this is also your opportunity to view your images and determine whether or not you like your pictures. After the 7 day online period, it will be assumed that you are satisfied with your images and no refunds will be given beyond that point.

If you have already placed your order on shoot day and are not satisfied, then one of two things will happen. If you paid with credit card, then I'll issue you a refund. If you paid by check, then I will return your check to you since I do not cash checks until after the 7 day period in order to give you time to proof your images.

What if I'm fine with the images but I'm not satisified with the products I ordered and received?

If a product is defective, then it will be replace for you. Standard prints will not be refunded due to the 7 day proofing period. The only products that will qualify for a refund are specialty products that do not display the image in a way you expected. We highly encourage your to see these products in person in order to better know how your images will be represented on the products. If you are not satisified with a special product that you've ordered, then you may return it for a full refund.

Do you offer any incentives?

We do offer a kick-back incentive to the league, club, or team that hires us. It is a 10% throw back of the total profits. It is based strictly off of total profits and not on total sales.

Can we come to you for individual images only if you didn't do our team pictures?

Yes you can. I prefer that you try to have the entire team photographed if possible, but if your team was photographed by someone else or not all, then yes we can schedule a individual shoot for you at our studio. Doing so requires a minimum purchase commitment of $65.

Do you do all this yourself?

This is actually the only area of my business that I out source my post-production work. I work with another company to create all my graphic images for me. I send them all the files and player data and they do all the cutting-out and graphic creation for me.

Do you retouch images?

We offer skin retouching and glasses glare removal for a $5 fee, but it is only available on orders placed on picture day. Once the final graphic composite images are created, no further retouching work is done.

Can we brings props for the pictures?

All sports products are welcomed and encouraged.

I'm a parent and would love to be able to be in a picture with my child. Can I do that?

Each player is allowed to have one buddy image for themselves. A parent can be the buddy if that's desired. Players can also be in any number of other buddy photos, but those would be for another player. Yes, you can order a buddy photo that was somebody else buddy photo if a player was in it. No, a player is not allowed more than one buddy photo for themselves.

Can you add or change text or graphic elements?

Because this is an out-sourced product, I do not receive back editable files. Please make sure that names are spelled correctly on the day of the shoot, and that the jersey number provided matches what is warn on the day of the shoot.