Preparing For Picture Day

Prior to shoot day a team roster will need to be provided, along with your team logo file (or team name as is on your jerseys). Please make sure all names are spelled correctly and jersey numbers provided match what the player will be wearing on picture day. All parents and players will want to make sure they have had a chance to review products/package options and prices so they can be ready to place their order on picture day. All players should ensure their uniform is clean and photo worthy, and that their hair is good for picture day. Avoid eating grease foods the day before in order to help reduce shine. If you are going to use any of your equipment as a prop, be sure they are in a condition that you're happy with for pictures.

If you do not have a team roster ready to email, please download ours HERE and email it to once you have completed it. If coaches will be included in the team photo, please include coaches info as well.