What We Do

We have listened to the inputs of parents and have reacted by learning about sports photography so we could start offering it in addition to our higher-end portrait sessions. In doing so we wanted to make sure that like the rest of our business we made our sports work higher-end, but affordable at the same time. As a result we have left behind the traditional ways of doing team sport photography and have implemented a new system that is all composite graphic work, and then applying the final images to new and fun products, as well as the ones you’re used to seeing. The cool thing it is that with this process we do not have any one player in front of the camera for more than 1-2 minutes. We DO NOT photograph the team as a whole. Every player is photographed individually against a giant light box and then cut out and applied to some fun graphics. Every player is required to have two photos taken whether they are ordering pictures or not. The first shot will be used to build a team composite image. The second shot will be for individual products. And if you have a logo or name, then we can incorporate that into the images as well.