The Process

Once we have established that we will be the ones providing your team and individual photographic services, there's a few things that we will need from you prior to shoot day. We will need a complete team roster (first and last name, and jersey number), as well as your team logo. If you don't have a logo other than your team name, please send me the file that was used on your jerseys. If coaches will be included in the team photo, please include coaches names in the roster as well.

On shoot day we will set up a couple of tables with sample products for players and parents to view and touch. This will be the only opportunity to do so. Orders may be placed that day or later on using our online ordering site.

One picture day, each player will be given a bar coded paper and will be required to have two photos, with the option to have a third. The first image will be used for the team composite. The second image will be used for their individual image. The third (optional) image is what we call a buddy image where a player is allowed to have up to two friends in a photo with them. Aside from buddy pictures, all players are photographed individually and not as a group.

Prior to doing a teams' photos, I'll first ask them as a group to decide on a storyboard for their team composite image, and also to decide whether everyone will be smiling or serious for their team image. Players can choose whether or not to smile for their individual images.